An exciting selection of keynote speakers and moderated panels from a range of discipline and service areas

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The ICCP 2020 Committee are pleased to announce

the following keynote and invited speakers


Michelle Fine
Distinguished Professor of Critical Psychology, Women’s Studies, American Studies and Urban Education at the Graduate Center, CUNY

Professor Tony Birch

Bruce McGuinness Research Fellow

Moondani Balluk Academic Centre

Victoria University – Footscray Park Campus

Invited Speakers

Dr Nuria Ciofalo
Pacifica Graduate Institute

Paola Balla

is a Wemba-Wemba & Gunditjmara woman (First Nations Victoria)

Moondani Balluk, Victoria University 



Dr Mariolga Reyes-Cruz

Dr Mariolga Reyes-Cruz

Raewyn Connell
Professor Emerita
University of Sydney

Associate Professor
Urmitapa Dutta
University of Massachusetts

Dr Monica Eviandaru Madyaningrum
Faculty of Psychology
Sanata Dharma University

Assistant Professor

Jesica Fernández

Santa Clara University

Professor Pat Dudgeon

is from the Bardi people of the Kimberley in Western Australia

University of Western Australia


Professor Linda Waimarie Nikora

  University of Auckland

Professor Kopano Ratele

University of South Africa

Dr Mohi Rua
Maori & Psychology Research Unit,
University of Waikato

Plenary panel

Professor Garth Stevens
Acting Dean: Faculty of Humanities
University of the Wiwatersrand

Professor Regina Langhout
University Of California,
Santa Cruz

Professor Thomas Teo

York University


Professor Ignacio Dobleso

School of Psychology

University of Costa Rica

Professor David Fryer
University of Queensland