Proposals to host the 9th International Conference on Community Psychology, to take place in 2022, are invited.

Those interested in joining the list of countries and institutions that have hosted the International Conference on Community Psychology should submit an Expression of Interest by December 1st, 2019 and a completed Proposal to Professor Irma Serrano-García at by March 1st, 2020.



The ICCP conferences were initiated in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 2006.  They have since been held biannually in Portugal, Mexico, Spain, Brasil, South Africa and Chile. The 2020 conference will be held in Melbourne, Australia. The conferences are not sponsored by any organization but were initiated and continued, spurred by the interest of the community psychology international community. Since this is the case, the conferences are financed and organized by a local committee which is usually supported by universities, private and public organizations and, of course, by registration fees.  Previous conference organizers provide future organizers with contact information of all participants.  In the following tables you can see the number of people that have attended and the countries they come from. This should give you an idea of what to expect in your country.



Conference # of total participants # of countries Proportion of nationals to foreigners
I   San Jun 360 34 41% from P.R.; 59% from other countries
II Lisbon 564 39 28% Portuguese; 72% other countries
III Puebla 695 34 37% Mexicans; 63% from other countries
IV Barcelona 720 34 19% Spanish; 81% from other countries
V Fortaleza 946 24 81% Brasil; 19% from other countries
VI Durban 463 46 60% South Africa; 40% from other countries
VII Santiago 780 33 48% Chile ;52% from other countries

Expression of Interest

This should be a brief document which includes a commitment to send a proposal by the established deadline. It must also include information about the contact person to follow up procedures to receive the proposal and coordinate the evaluation meeting at the Melbourne conference.


The Proposal

Based on collective previous experience we have produced a set of guidelines for the proposal.Proposals to host the next ICCP should include information that addresses the following:

  1. – Hosting Agency or Agencies / Institutions

Proposed Conference Date

Conference Location and Facilities

– Proposed Conference Theme and scientific program formats

Conference Organization and Management

    – Financial Arrangements and Support

    – Preliminary budget

    – Potential Exhibitors


    –Transport Access

    – Lodging


– Marketing and Promotion

– Social/Cultural Program

– Other Relevant Information


Please note that only complete proposals will be considered.All submissions will be reviewed by past coordinators of previous conferences, as has been the case previously. The shortlisted candidates will be invited to present their respective proposals at a meeting during the ICCP2020 Conference in Melbourne (26-28 June,2020) where a decision will be made and the 2022 site will be announced in the Closing Ceremony.


If more than one proposal is considered favorably, you should indicate if you would be willing to host the 2024 conference as well. The committee can consider accepting more than one proposal for future years.


If you wish to see examples of previously approved proposals, please request them.


A copy of the evaluation form that will be used to evaluate your proposal is also available upon request.


Please direct any questions that you may have about preparing your proposal to Professor Irma Serrano-García at