Conference theme

Fostering and Sustaining Solidarities

This conference seeks to celebrate and interrogate the ways solidarities are fostered and sustained within community contexts, across borders and boundaries, digital and non-digital spaces, and through process of knowledge production. The conference seeks to give a critical platform to the ideas and work emerging from coalitions with practitioners, artists, educators, activists, and diverse communities. We are interested in exploring and showcasing scholarship, activism, practice, and critical scholarly engagement, from around the world that seeks to bring about sustainability, inclusivity, and wellbeing for all.

ICCP 2020

Presentation themes

Creating Inclusive Cultures & Healthy Communities

How do various community agents, through their practice, challenge marginalisation and social exclusion, and foster processes of reclamation, renewal and healing? This theme explores the various modalities aimed at addressing inequity and its deleterious effects. This theme embraces a wide range of possibilities such as: technology and digitally mediated communities, arts informed methodologies, embodied practice, storytelling and oral history.

Knowledge for Sustainable Futures

This theme welcomes a breadth of knowledges that aim to inform community action working towards wellbeing, liberation, and climate justice. This theme invites an expansion of how we think about communities and their sustainable futures. Including, ways of working with communities informed by critical approaches that have been produced in various countries and contexts such as those from the global south and indigenous knowledges from around the world.

Global Dynamics in Local Expressions

This theme encourages conversations that address wider socio-political, economic, climate and population movement issues that are being experienced in local contexts. It seeks to examine new/renewed local expressions of (dis)advantage and privilege and the ways in which communities, practitioners, and researchers are forming creative alliances to counteract dominant narratives and ideologies, and to create spaces and places of belonging and wellbeing.

Working the Boundaries

This theme seeks to highlight how agencies, educators, researchers and practitioners work at the intersections, of: communities, universities, organisations, governments. To highlight how they are fostering alliances, developing new ways of understanding challenges and working in empowering ways. It is also focused on the role of cultural safety and critical reflexivity in these spaces.