Call for submissions



The College of Community Psychologists is please to invite you to participate in ICCP 2020, the 8th International Conference of Community Psychology, this year’s theme is Fostering and Sustaining Solidarities.


Important dates

Call for submissions closes: Friday, 20 September 2019

Submission results announced: Friday, 25 October 2019

Session Types


Symposium: 500 word abstract (60 minutes)

 A symposium is made up of papers developed by a group aimed to address a common topic from different perspectives and / or experiences. Symposia will be 60 minutes in length: a maximum of 30 minutes of presentation (for example 3 presenters speaking 10 mins each), followed by interaction and discussion with the audience. The submitted abstract should contain a description of the different presentations, as well as what joins them together and makes the symposium relevant to the conference. A chair should be nominated in the abstract. Successful symposia will be asked to provide a set of discussion points/ questions with which they intend to engage and involve the audience.

Roundtable: 300 word abstract (60 minutes)

Roundtable discussions (60 minutes in length) provide an audiovisual-free session for the sharing of ideas between several discussants and the audience. This format is especially appropriate for sessions in which the discussants’ role is to facilitate the audience’s exploration of an issue. Roundtables often include 4 to 6 discussants who open up the conversation and a chair who facilitates (introduces; sums up at end of session). The submitted abstract should describe the issue to be discussed and how it will be relevant to the conference and should nominate a chair.

Open Oral Presentations: 300 word abstract (15 minutes)

Open oral presentations are invited on research, practice, community work and other activities that relate to the themes of the conference and community psychology and related disciplines/areas. Open presentations will be no more than 15 minutes long in themed sessions with a facilitative chair leading discussion with the audience. Presentations should be focused, communicative and not overly reliant on large amounts of text.

Creative and Artistic Presentations: 300 word abstract (TBC)

 This call is open to any form of creative expression. Projects, research and performances that communicate the broad themes of the conference in a unique and creative way; community-based work. Innovative ideas welcomed.

Workshop: 300 word abstract (TBC)

Workshops provide a means to teach new skills of relevance to the field (e.g., specific methods, analytical techniques, community outreach strategies). Proposals should include a description of the content of the workshop and how it will be relevant to the conference. Proposals should also describe any practical needs of the workshop which will be required.

Ignite Presentations: 200 word abstract (5 minutes)

Ignite Presentations provide an opportunity to share research and ideas in a brief 5 minute format (20 slides at 15 seconds each) to ignite conversations and discussions between the presenters and the audience. Several speakers will follow each other in rapid succession followed by time to engage in discussion. This format is ideal for presenting findings from smaller studies, a new tool or method, or research that is still in progress.

Poster Presentation: 200 word abstract

The poster session is the interaction between exhibitors and those interested in a specific topic related to the themes of the conference and presented in the form of a poster. Engagement with poster presentations will be designed into the conference so that those presenting them are able to connect with an audience. Posters should be designed in such a way that they are eye catching, focused, communicative and not overly reliant on large amounts of text/statistics.