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Dr Julie van den Eynde


Email: julie.vandeneynde@vu.edu.au
Telephone: +61 3 99195221
Location: Footscray Nicholson Campus



Ph.D., Grad Dip Applied Psych, BA (Psych & Politics)

Research interests
Social Justice, Politics of Fear, Moral Panics, Participatory action research, Criminology, Pedagogy

Areas of postgraduate research supervision
Social support for young mothers
Community perceptions of serial sex offenders
Young men exiting the criminal justice system
Criminal justice system perceptions of victims of rape
University students perceptions of group work as assessment tasks

Representative publications

Newcombe, P., van den Eynde, J., Jolly, L., & Hafner, D. (2010). Attributions of responsibility for rape: Differences across familiarity of situation, gender, and acceptance of rape myths. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 38(7), 1736–1754.

Veno, A., & van den Eynde, J. (2007). Moral panic neutralization project: A media based intervention. Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology, 17(6), 490-506.

van den Eynde, J., & Veno, A. (2007). Depicting outlaw motorcycle club women using anchored and unanchored research methodologies. Australian Journal of Community Psychology, 19(1), 96-111.

Veno, A., & van den Eynde, J. (2006). Out of the Comfort Zone and into the OMC. The Community Psychologist, 39(3) 29-31

Jolly, L., & van den Eynde, J., (2006). Building Riverbend. International Journal of Technology Knowledge and Society, 2.

van den Eynde, J. A., Veno, A., & Hart, A. (2003). They look good but don't work: A case study of performance indicators in crime prevention. Evaluation and Program Planning, 26, 237-248.

van den Eynde, J. A., & Hart, A. M., & Veno, A. (2002). Peace, Love and Magnum 44´s: Partnerships and Community Development. Lessons Learnt from an Australian Crime Prevention Project. South Pacific Journal of Psychology, 12(1), 33-47.

Van den Eynde, J. A., & Veno, A. (1999). Coping with Disasterous Events: An empowerment model of community healing. In R. Gist and B. Lubin (Eds.). Response to Disaster: Psychosocial, Community and Ecological Approaches. (pp. 167-192). USA: Brunner/Mazel.

Van den Eynde, J. A., & Veno, A. (1996). Responses to sexual abuse in a rural town: Women and empowerment. In D. Thomas & A. Veno (Eds.). Psychology and Social Change: Australian and New Zealand Perspectives (2nd Edition). New Zealand: Dunmore Press.