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Phoebi Miller

Phoebi completed her undergraduate degree on the Sunshine Coast, majoring in Psychology, with a minor in Development Studies, which is an interdisciplinary field of social science that incorporates human geography,  cultural studies and historical and political processes. This developed her interest in the structural inequalities of the world, and created an awareness of the ongoing global effects of colonisation. Additionally, it sparked an interest in interdisciplinary research and shaped her view of psychology to encompass intersectionality. Whilst studying, Phoebi volunteered with a refugee and asylum seeker advocacy and support group, and she is passionate about asylum seeker and refugee rights and well-being.

Phoebi completed her honours at Victoria University, where she undertook the community psychology elective,  which offered her an approach to psychology that aligned with her personal moral values and inspired her to undertake the Community Psychology Masters  program.

Phoebi's honours thesis explored the process through which individuals construct asylum seekers and refugees and whether they are constructed as people who are deserving of humane treatment and are included in their moral community or whether they are excluded from this.

She is interested in researching oppression, cultural identity, intergroup relations, and community, and hopes to establish a career that reflects these interests.