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Krysia Kostrz

While studying my Undergraduate and Honours degrees I was most drawn to social psychology because I was interested in the explanations of how a person and their social world interact together.  As I progressed through the courses it became very apparent the curriculum was heavily clinically based. I felt there was more I wanted to know about a person and their interactions in their real life, how their day-to-day experiences shape them, I just didn’t know exactly what that "more" was.  I found the Community Psychology course and knew straight away it was what I was looking for!

I have a great interest in human diversity and how one’s community has an effect on an individual and their mental health.  I was so happy to discover Community Psychology, to find an area of psychology that represents the influence of an individual’s relationship to their wider world including social interactions, peer relationships, government and policy influence and am very grateful I am able to study this unique course.  

I completed my Honours Thesis on how Facebook Use affects the relationship between Fear of Missing Out and a person's wellbeing. I have varying interests including Indigenous health, mental health in the music industry. environmental psychology and consumer psychology.