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Emily Foenander

Before studying psychology, Emily completed an honours degree in sociology. While researching for  her sociology honours thesis, Emily learned about Ecopsychology and Environmental Psychology, becoming so inspired by these areas she decided to move towards psychology. While studying psychology, Emily worked in social equity research and developed a deep appreciation of the power for impact-focused research and evaluation to contribute toward social change. Emily later learned about the field of community psychology, and gravitated toward its recognition of intersectionality.

Emily has a passion for research, and has a strong interest in the following areas:

·               Empathy and altruism

·               Ecopsychology and biophilia (emotional connectedness with nature)

·               Social equity research and evaluation

·               Environmental Psychology

Emily has worked in interdisciplinary research for over four years, and is passionate about the power of impact-focused research to influence community, social and environmental change. She hopes to establish a career that combines her passions for Ecopsychology, Environmental Psychology and community impact.