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Leonie Bessant

Prior to studying psychology, Leonie has had a wide experience of the world:

  • She has an agricultural science degree, a fine arts degree, and a master of fine arts from the Royal College of Art in London.
  • Leonie is a practicing master tapestry weaver and designer. She lead the team who wove the New Parliament House Arthur Boyd Tapestry, Canberra. Her art work had been exhibited and collected internationally.
  • She lectured in fine arts and been head of textiles (ECU, WA), and continues private art teaching.
  • Leonie ran her own organic vegetable farm and was a founding member of the Victorian farmer market movement. She became the coordinator of the Victorian Farmers Market Association accreditation programme and a board member.
  • Leonie was also a tram conductress so she is an expert on Melbourne tram routes!

In her psychology honours thesis at Victoria University Leonie researched the stigmatisation of privately renting mothers in Footscray. Her future research and work interests include:

  • Community structures that foster the wellbeing of Victorian women farmers.
  • The stigmatisation of places and populations.
  • Older women’s homelessness.