2017 Cohort - Congratulations, and Welcome!


In February 2017, we were very pleased to welcome new students into the AMAC Master of Applied Psychology (Community Psychology) program. Welcome everybody!

Back row: Emma Wylie, Trisnasari Fraser, Anna McNaughton, Annie Belcher, Phoebi Miller, Leonie Bessant, Christina Maxwell.

Middle row: Deb Gray, Anneka Richmond, Emily Foenander, Sarah Wright, Grace Kilmer, Rajinder Singh, Murtaza Rajabi

Front row: Erin Fitzpatrick, Sarah Smith, Krysia Kostrz, Julian O'Sullivan, Nathan Hobbs, Shane Puxley




2015 Orientation - Welcome

In February 2015, 17 new graduate students were welcomed into the AMPC Master of Applied Psychology (Community Psychology) program at Victoria University, Melbourne Australia.
Congratulations and Welcome!

This is a photo taken in Associate Professor Chris Sonn Thesis Unit - not all the 2015 students are here.

2015 Students


On the back row is Sam Keast, Ben Moberley, Claudette Foley, Daniel Morrison, Michael Feehan.

Along the front row is Nuray Okcum, Margarita Fierre Hernandez, Kimberley Davey, Marija Spasenoska, and Dallas Ambry.

To find out about everyone, do scroll down this page, and over time, their profiles will be available.



2013 Students

2013 Students and Staff.

Orientation Day.

On Wednesday 20th February 2013, staff from Victoria University were very pleased to welcome the new students into the Master of Applied Psychology program (Community Psychology).


Many thanks to everyone who graciously responded to our request for their information to be published here.