Here you will find profiles of people who are associated with Community Psychology, in all its variations.

We fully recognise that to be able to attach the label of “Community Psychologist” to oneself in Australia, means registration with the Psychology Board of Australia (PBA), and then gaining specialist endorsement for Community Psychology through PBA. For lots of reasons, many of the people on this page have not taken this professionalization route, and would not use the title.

Then again, others have gained their specialisation title of “Community Psychologist”.

Irrespective of titles, we were interested in finding people who loosely aligned themselves to Community Psychology in their work practices and philosophy.

Each person listed on this site responded to our request to complete a questionnaire, for publication on this site.These questionnaires were conducted, collated and uploaded to this Community Psychology Australia website by Kyli Hedrick. This work was undertaken as part of a broader community psychology intervention – the development of this Community Psychology Australia website – and was conducted by Kyli Hedrick in her dual role as Research Assistant and Master of Community Psychology Candidate on Placement at Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia in 2011/2012.

Many thanks to everyone who graciously responded to our request for their information to be published here.