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Arthur Veno2

Professor Arthur Veno


Adjunct Professor of Social Sciences and Psychology, Victoria University.




Please describe your current position.
2009 - Present. Adjunct Professor of Social Sciences and Psychology, Victoria University

What tertiary training (if any) do you have in community psychology?

What are the most valuable things you learnt in your community psychology training?
How to advocate for minority groups. How to bring Psychological theory and practice to community settings that have an agenda for well being and tolerance. Political wisdom. The ability to use the media to achieve social ends.

Please list your academic qualifications.
BA (Psychology and Biology), San Francisco State University, California, USA
PhD (Social Psychology), University of California at San Francisco, California, USA. Minor papers in Criminology and Community Psychology

What are the most important things you learnt in the field (or in an academic setting) about community psychology?
You are going to get your arse kicked by the military/industrial establishment, get used to it, and proceed to follow through on your action research plan. If you are lucky, you'll get mentioned in Parliaments' Hansard...you know you are winning the 'good fight'! It is also absolutely imperative to speak with colleagues about the issues of concern, particularly when using action research.

What advice would you offer to someone contemplating a career in community psychology?
Go for it... The world certainly needs Psychologists who are part of the broader social change agenda brought to our shores from both a Critical Psychology basis and Liberation Psychology.

What are your research interests?
Moral Panics
Building peaceful communities
Social Activism
Action/research methods

Please add any other comments or information relevant to your work as a community Psychologist.
The ideology and principles of CP serve as a beacon and guide to your social action.

Previous Appointments:
2001-2009: Honorary Research Associate, School of Political and Social Inquiry, Faculty of Arts, Monash University

2000-2001: Professor and Head of School, Arts and Sciences, Monash University South Africa

1997-1999: Associate Professor, Director, Centre for Police and Justice Studies and Deputy Director, School of Public Policy, Monash University.

1985-1997: Senior Lecturer, Monash University - Responsible for teaching Research Methods, Community and Social Psychology from 1985-1994. From late 1994, I moved to the Centre for Police and Justice Studies where I developed and taught courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels in Criminology.

1983-1984: Lecturer, Department of Psychology, Charles Sturt University. Responsible for teaching Research Methods, Community Psychology to on campus undergraduate students; Psychology of Law Enforcement at an Associate Diploma level in the Justice Administration course.

1981-1983: Coordinator of Community Psychology, Department of Psychology, John Curtin University. Responsible for teaching fourth year Community Psychology.

1980: Human Relations Consultant, Brisbane - Dr. A. Veno & Associates.

1979: Head, Department of Psychology and Philosophy, University of Zambia. Responsible for administration and teaching in the Department.

1978: Senior Researcher, Bureau of Crime, Statistics and Research (NSW). Responsible for the design, implementation and evaluation of an Associate of Criminal Justice Course for Police and Prison Officers.

1974-1978: Lecturer, Department of Psychology, University of Queensland.Responsible for the teaching of undergraduate students Psychopathology, Environment and Human Behaviour, Human Ethology and Community Psychology courses. Administered the Community Psychology Strand of the Master of Applied Psychology Program (1976 -1978).


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Keynote Speaker and session facilitator at the IIR Conference, Sydney, May, 2008 - "Implications of Crime Prevention initiatives for Corrective Services – OMCGs

Keynote Speaker and session facilitator: MOSC49- A week long training session for key police from Australia, New Zealand, the FBI, and Royal Canadian Mounted Police who implement policy regarding Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs. Hosted by the Australian Federal Police Executive Training College, 26 February - 3 March, Canberra 2010