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Professor Jenny Sharples

College of Arts, Victoria University





Country of birth: Australia
Ethnicity: Australian
Languages spoken: English only

What initially attracted you to community psychology?
The values and the obvious need to look at social issues as well as assisting individuals and families in distress.

Please describe your current position.
Professor Psychology at Victoria University

Please describe any other work you have done (either paid or volunteer) as a community psychologist.
I have done a lot of work in this field. Coordinator of a small community based organisation Action on Disability in Ethnic Communities followed by 5 years on the committee including chair, Psychologist in a community mental health centre, Member of foundation for survivors of torture committee, Lecturer in psychology including teaching in community psychology courses and supervising students, Director of Wellness Promotion Research Unit. A range of community based research projects.

What tertiary training (if any) do you have in community psychology?

Please list your academic qualifications.
BBSc, MPsych, Ph.D.
APS member clinical and community colleges, AHPRA registered psychologist endorsed in Clinical and Community Psychology

What advice would you offer to someone contemplating a career in community psychology?
It is an interesting career and take it on if you enjoy it.

What are your research interests?
Cross cultural issues, women's health, chronic illness, evaluation research, mental health, lifespan development.

Please list any professional memberships.