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Dr Lauren Breen


Lecturer in Psychology at Curtin University, Western Australia.




Country of birth: Australia
Languages spoken: English

What initially attracted you to community psychology?
Its links with critical psychology, not that I knew the term critical psychology at the time. I've always been interested in looking at things in a different way or from a different perspective and community psychology definitely fits with that.

Please describe your current position.
Lecturer in Psychology at Curtin University.

What other work have you been involved in as a community psychologist?
Since 2008 I have been the Editor of The Australian Community Psychologist, which is published by the Australian Psychological Society and is the official journal of the College of Community Psychologists.

What tertiary training (if any) do you have in community psychology?
PhD (Community Psychology). This was a four-year programme that comprised the coursework and practica of a Masters of Psychology (Community) with a PhD thesis.

Please list your academic qualifications.
BSc (Hons)
Grad Cert Ed (Tertiary Teaching)

What are your research interests?
My research interests centre on applied social research in the domains of community psychology and health psychology. I am well-versed in several research paradigms using qualitative and quantitative data. Research areas include:
Death and dying
Grief, loss, and bereavement
Grief counselling
Children and families
Health services
Disability and wellness
Carers and care-giving
The nexus between research and practice
Teaching and learning for the health professions

I have received research funding from the Cancer Council of WA, Cancer Australia, MND Research Institute, Department of Health (WA), Palliative Care Network of WA, and the Australian Research Council.

Please list any professional memberships.
Member, Australian Psychological Society
Member, Australian Psychological Society's College of Community Psychologists
Member, Society for Community Research and Action (Division 27 of the American Psychological Association)
Member, International Society of Critical Health Psychology
Member, Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement