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Dr Eddie Ng


Research Associate and visiting Lecturer in Hong Kong Polytechnic University.




Country of birth: Hong Kong
Ethnicity: Chinese
Languages spoken: Cantonese, English, Mandarin

What initially attracted you to community psychology?
My past working experience related to poverty issues and my spiritual faith concerning social justice.

Please describe your current position.
Research associate and visiting lecturer in Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

What other work have you been involved in as a community psychologist?
I am now involved in an evaluation study of the territory-wide mentoring and matched saving project targeting at intergenerational poverty alleviation in Hong Kong.

What tertiary training (if any) do you have in community psychology?
Masters and later PhD in community psychology in VU.

What are the most valuable things you learnt in your community psychology training?
• Placement opportunities
• Theoretical knowledge concerning the ecological perspective and multilevel understanding of issues
• Exposure to the community psychology network in the national and international level

Please list your academic qualifications.
Bachelor in Social Science
Master in Community Psychology (later transferred to PhD)
PhD in community psychology

What are the most important things you learnt in the field (or in an academic setting) about community psychology?
• People in context
• Multilevel analyses and intervention
• Cultural perspective
• Social Policy

What are your research interests?
Poverty, spirituality and well-being, mentoring, positive youth development, mixed methods.

Please list any professional memberships.
IAAP member
SCRA member
APA division 37 member