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Associate Professor Paul Duckett


Victoria University, Melbourne, Victoria




Paul is an Associate Professor at Victoria University where he teaches in areas of community psychology, critical psychology and qualitative research methods.

His research is in areas of disability, mental health and cultural and political identities using qualitative action and emancipator methods. He has worked at the intersections of psychology, sociology, law, medicine and philosophy through exploring the influence of psychopharmaceutical corporations on government and academia. Through seeking to understand the penetration of multinational corporations across nation states, his work has drawn him to the topics of globalisation, geopolitics and the meaning of the notion of community and well-being in relation to cultural identity.

Prior to working at Victoria University, he worked at Stirling University, Scotland (1994-99), Northumbria University, England (1999-2002) and Manchester Metropolitan University, England (2002-2012).

To hear more about what attracted Paul to community psychology, his past and present work in the field as well as some advice to those considering a career in community psychology, please take a few minutes to listen to Paul's interview here.

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